work like a dog.
drink like a fish.


Makeready serves as a breakroom and beer hall for ladies and gentlemen in need of an honest meal and a pint after a hard day’s work. Located on the ground floor of Noelle, Makeready offers a seasonal approach to American tavern cuisine.

With our backs to Printers Alley, Makeready pays homage to our forefathers—the printmakers, rule-breakers, and publishers who used to call this place home. In printing, a “makeready” is a tool we use to make sure we get it right. Because at the end of the day it all comes back to preparation.

As grandad used to say, a well oiled machine never falters.

 Elliot Cunniff - Director of Culinary at Makeready Libations & Liberation in downtown Nashville, TN.

Elliot Cunniff
Director of Culinary

Born in upstate New York, Elliot Cunniff successfully established himself in the state’s capital and was named “Rising Star Chef” by the Albany Chef’s Food & Wine Festival at the young age of 25. shortly after, he moved to New York City to accept a position with renowned French culinary personality, Daniel Boulud at his signature restaurant. 

From there, Elliot went on to run the kitchen at DB Bistro, before he was sought out by American Chef and Restaurateur David Burke, with whom he worked for several years refining a modern eye for American cuisine.

Cunniff moved on to develop the culinary programs at The Soho Grand Hotel before heading south to Nashville where he consulted with local institution Watermark and newcomer Little Octopus. Most recently his energy is focused on the opening of experiential Printer’s Alley accommodations “Noelle” as Director of Culinary.